Have You Thought About Pennsylvania as Your Choice for a U.S. Location  You Should!”

Wednesday, September 28th (18h00-18h30)
Room B

Pennsylvania has been a leader in the life sciences industry since the mid-1700s beginning with opening the first hospital in the U.S. located in Philadelphia to the development of the polio vaccine out of the University of Pittsburgh. In the United States, Pennsylvania remains a champion in the life science industry with over 2,300 business establishments and 1,000+ research, testing and medical laboratories, together employing more than 78,000 people across the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania also has two of the top 5 research institutions, the University of Pittsburgh (4th) and the University of Pennsylvania (5th)  as measured by NIH funding and is ranked #4 in the United States for Venture Capital Funding. 

 Find out more about the business climate and opportunities for collaboration in the state of Pennsylvania! 


Karen DeLone: Vice President, Pennsylvania Biotechnology Association