Basque country:MEDTECH - An opportunity for a manufacturing region

Wednesday, September 28th (12h30-13h30)
Room B

Medical technology can be considered as any technology used to save lives in individuals suffering from a wide range of conditions. In its many forms, medical technology is already diagnosing, monitoring and treating virtually every disease or condition that affects us.

 The Basque Country is aware of its potentiality and has prioritized “Digital health and medical devices” as one of the 4 areas to develop through the bioscience/health priority of the Basque Smart Specialisation Strategy.

 The session will showcase our activity in this field and a reflection of the potential of the Basque Country in the convergence of manufacturing technologies to health.


·         Welcome and introduction: Deployment of RIS3 through Steering Groups

·         Basque Success Stories

               KIRO ROBOTICS, Borja Lizari

               CIKAUTXO MEDICAL, Gonzalo Martin

               I-LINE MicroSystems, Iñaki Sadaba

               BTI, Biotechnology Institute, Xabier Landaluce

·         Closure