Japan: Moving towards a new business relationship

Wednesday, September 28th (17h30-18h00)
Room B

Our mission at JBA is to address the imminent problems facing mankind such as those concerning climate change and biodiversity and to facilitate implementation of appropriate measures as necessary, particularly by utilizing the latest developments in biosciences in an effective manner.

Furthermore, to encourage the exchange of vital data and information, we realize that cooperation and communication with like-minded organizations throughout the world is of paramount importance.

We are here with Japanese renowned and leading pharmaceutical companies- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd/ Eisai Co., Ltd./ EA Pharma Co., Ltd.


Naoyuki Fukuchi: Principal Researcher, EA PHARMA CO.,LTD (Japan)

Koji Sagane: Principal Scientist, EISAI CO.,LTD (Japan)

Mitsuaki Nakamura: Early Assessment Group Manager, CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD (Japan)

Hironori Tanaka: Director, JAPAN BIOINDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (JBA) (Japan)