Thursday, September 29th (14h30-16h00)
Room C

Moderator: :

Robert Schultz: Contributing Writer for MEDTECH BOSTON and Healthegy and Biotech Industry Writer with Bentley University, CENTER FOR INTEGRATION OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY (USA)


Arnaud Didierlaurent : Head of the Adjuvant Centre Platform Vaccine DPV, GlaxoSmithKline (Belgium). “Role of adjuvants in modern vaccinology”
Alberto Martínez Gárate:
 R&D Director, BIAL (Spain). “The future of allergen immunotherapy”
Cristina Quiles:
CEO, HIVACAT PROJECT-AELIX THERAPEUTICS (Spain). “Discovery and development of immunotherapies against HIV infection”
Juan José Infante
: CEO, VAXDYN (Spain)“"Immunotherapy as back-up alternative to antibiotics”.
Graham Clarke
: CEO & Director, IMMBIO (United Kingdom). "The new technology landscape to address unmet healthcare needs"