Wednesday, September 28th (12h30-13h30)
Room C

The role of the patients will gain momentum in the next future. They deserve to have a bigger importance in their relationships with doctors, health managers and payers”. This is one of the assertions that currently would reach a highest agreement from all the stakeholders involved in the Health Systems. However, many doubts remain unclear: -when should the patients have the main role? -how can be conveyed the patients participations in the HS in the best way? -what can be asked to the patients, as individual or in association, when they want to have a say in the HS? These questions and many other should be discussed and they have to be considered from different points of view: patients and their associations, doctors and payers.


Juan José Polledo: Director Governmental Affairs & MAccess, CELGENE (Spain)


Tomás Castillo: President, SPANISH PATIENTS ORGANIZATION PLATFORM (Spain). "It's the time of the patients".
Estibaliz Gamboa: Chief of the Active Patient programme integrated in the Health School of Osakidetza, BASQUE HEALTH SERVICE (Spain). "The XXI Century patient: perspective of health professionals"
Elena Andradas Aragonés: General Director For Public Health, Quality and Innovation, MINISTRY OF HEALTH, SOCIAL SERVICES AND EQUALITY (Spain). "Patient´s empowerment: The Spanish Health Schools´ Network for Citizens"