Thursday September 29th (14h30-16h00)
Room A


After receiving funding from venture capital & other type of private investors and having reached a level of maturity with outstanding clinical data, going public is the next step for many biotech companies, as it offers a platform for sustained grow, greater liquidity and, eventually, more independence from private investors. However some questions are important to be considered.

1.        When is the right time to take this step for a European Biotech?

2.        What requirements must the biotech company meet to access such funding?  Is this kind of funding appropriate for all companies?...Maturity in assets and management are key but is the bar moving upwards?

3.        How important is the Market chosen to go public? European Markets vs Nasdaq. Pros and Cons

4.        Are Dual Listings still alive?. What is the tool box you would need for a dual-listing?. US only vs US-EU

5.        How are Public markets to evolve in 2017 after a quite depressive 2016? is Brexit going to be a slow-acting tsunami in the Biotech market in 2017? Once the run for the office is over in November, are Generalists going to come back to the Biotech markets?

6.        What are going to be the most dynamic European markets in 2017?


Carlos Buesa: Founder & Chairman of the Board, ORYZON GENOMICS (Spain)


Pedro Arranz: Managing Director, SOLVENTIS (Spain)

Jonathan Senior: Director, STIFEL (UK)

Sebastien Groyer: Partner, SEVENTURE PARTNERS (France)

Miguel Mulet: Director Strategy, TIGENIX (Spain)