Wednesday, September 28th (17h00-18h30)
Room C

Nanomedicine is expected to become the next big thing in the pharmaceutical sector. The healthcare nanotechnology market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 12% from 2014 to 2020 (forecast period). It should be valued around USD 195 billion by 2020. However, in order to accelerate the development of nanomedicine there are some key points where the scientific community is focusing, i.e. regulatory aspects, GMP manufacturing, standardization and characterization. This round table will bring together some experts in the field and will discuss on:

  • Technology transfer from a point of view of a research center that has generated their own technology on nanodrug delivery systems, and developing GMP processes for the production of small batches.
  • Characterization of nanopharmaceuticals from the perspective of the coordinator of EU Nanomedicine Characterization Laboratory.
  • Regulatory challenges for the development of innovative medicines.
  • Industrial point of view, where we will have some examples of highly innovative biotechnological companies in the field.


  • Ana Benito: Senior Researcher, IK4-CIDETEC (Spain)



  • Simon Baconnier: EU Nanomedicine characterization lab (EUNCL), Trans-National Access Coordinator, CEA LETI (France). “Nanocharacterization: what is still missing to improve translation in nanomedicine”
    • Covadonga Pañeda:R&D Manager, SYLENTIS (Spain). “Nanoformulated drug versus classical formulations”
      • Iraida Loinaz: Business Development Manager in Biomaterials, IK4-CIDETEC (Spain). “Nanomedicine from a point of view of a research centre”
        • Eusebio Gainza: I+D Manager, BIOPRAXIS (Spain). “Nanomedicine, from PoC to reality: the importance of an industrial perspective and GMP scale up.”
          • Justin Barry:Managing Director, MIDATECH PHARMA (Spain). “Translational Nanomedicine: addressing clinical phases”