Wednesday, September 28th (15h00-16h30)
Room C

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The food and health paradigm have become a benchmark for innovation for the food industry. Born as such in the 80s in Japan, it has been imposed at an increasing rate in almost every corner of the planet. All large companies in the food sector are actively investigating these issues with some unusual approaches to date for the food industry. Clinical trials, microbiome analysis, nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition are new terms that have joined the cultural heritage of innovation in these companies. Neither the European Union in general and our country in particular have remained outside this situation. In this symposium, several public groups and private companies will present their new developments in these issues. All of them are leaders in food biotechnology.

Moderator & Speaker:

Daniel Ramón: CEO, BIOPOLIS (Spain)"Microbiome analysis: a powerful tool for the development of new probiotics"

  • Speakers:

    • Mª Victoria Selma: Tenured Research Scientist, Group on Quality, Safety and Bioactivity of Plant Foods, Spanish Council for Scientific Research - CEBAS-CSIC (Spain). “Interaction of polyphenols with gut microbiota and effects on human health”
    • Matxalen Uriarte: Head of Market Value Department, Food Research Division, AZTI - TECNALIA (Spain). “Membrane lipid profile: New approach  for Healthy Food Innovation
    • Ivan Montoliú Roura: Data Science Specialist, NESTLÉ INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH SCIENCES (Switzerland). "Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences and the Future of Health and Nutrition"